Hoangthy (Toki) Ngo: is born in suburb Dallas, Texas on Nov. 1988. She moved to Sacramento, California in Summer of 2003. By 2007, Ngo started attending University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA) to study in Fine Arts. In 2011, she graduated on the Dean’s Honor’s List, receiving a B.A. in Fine Arts and minor in Film& TV: Animation. She is interested in Japanese Pop Culture, riding motorcycles, archery and underground subculture fashion. Currently, she is working on her way to break into the film & entertainment industry by working as a post-production visual effects artist on a project, MUGEN LIVE: Not the Musical!


“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” – a quote not used as often as I wish it to be. Thus, I create art to explore what is considered beautiful. Throughout my bodies of work, I have been keeping in mind how mass media defines what is true beauty. From my findings, I have realized that the source of man’s view of natural beauty comes from nature itself.  As a result, man’s vision of beauty is the process of man trying to imitate nature by taking life’s fundamentals.

Focusing on the themes such as the abyss, body figments, or traditions, guides my artwork to become dark and mysterious with hope and romance. By the product of the themes, my artwork has a surreal imagery and a  consistent mood in which may be along the lines of an uncomfortable but soothing eerie atmosphere. What lies in the unknown, dark and mysterious, comes beauty and light awaiting to be discovered.


2007 - 2011: B.A. Fine Art, minor in Film & TV: Animation at UCLA

  • 2007: Beginning Drawing with Don Suggs,
  • 2008: Beginning Painting with Patricia (Patty) A. Wickman, Beginning Photography with visiting professor , Beginning Sculpture with visiting professor,Suzanne Wright
  • 2009: Beginning New Genre with Andrea Fraser, Beginning Ceramics with Adrian Saxe, Advance Sculpture, Advance Photography 
  • 2010: Advance Painting with Roger Herman, Advance Printmaking with Jacob Samuel, Advance Drawing with visiting professor Gerald Davis
  • 2011: Advance Painting with visiting professor  Monique van Genderen, Advance Printmaking with Jacob Samuel, Advance Ceramics: Throwing, with Adrian Saxe, Senior Studio, with Charles Ray.

Awards & Honors:

2011 – Dean’s Honor’s List, UCLA.
2011 – Burda Style Fashion Contest, 1st Prize
2009 – Resident Runway Fashion Contest, UCLA, 2nd Place
2008 – Among Top 5 in Resident Runway Fashion Contest

Official Group Exhibitions

2011, Dec – “Influenced“, Chatismo 101 Studio Gallery, Long Beach.
2011, June-  “Here’s Your Hat, What’s Your Hurry?”, UCLA Senior Show.
2011, June –  “Stitch!” ,Works by Jennifer Davis and Hoangthy Ngo, UCLA Undergraduate Gallery
2010 –  “Free Beer”, UCLA New Genre Studio.